Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Field Trip on the Persian Gulf

On Monday we got to tag along with the ASD AP Biology class on a field trip in the Persian Gulf. We went out on a wooden boat called a dhow to a small island that was basically just sand. We recorded the salinity, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, pH, and phosphate levels in four locations – off the boat, at the edge of the beach on two sides of the island, and in a small tidal pool.

We also recorded other factors having to do with the surrounding environment such as wind direction and air temperature. I specifically was in charge of getting the GPS coordinates for each sampling location but also helped with gathering samples and recording information. After collecting data we cleaned up trash around the island and then were free to swim and explore the island. Many of the students were jumping off the 2nd floor of the dhow and swimming. We ate lunch out on the boat before going onto the island. On the island we saw a flock of flamingos but many of them were more white than pink. We also stumbled across a couple crabs and a turtle skeleton/shell on the beach. The sand in the shallow water was a very odd consistency; it was soft and spongy. In some spots you would sink down knee deep.

Tomorrow it is back to the conference, beginning a four-day push to the finish.  Many Heads of State begin arriving tomorrow so it should make for an interesting second week.

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  1. So great that you got to spend some time outside! I wonder why the sand was so strange? Would love to hear more about that!