Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Pictorial History of Week One

Siiri holding a falcon in the Falcon Souq.

Here is a summation of our adventures during week one.  Week two will be even more exciting than week one with Heads of State arriving and negotiations heating up. Stay tuned to the blog and we'll do our best to keep you updated.  

Some youth performing an action at the QNCC.

One of our hangout places, this one in the west restaurant.

One of many meals eaten at QNCC.

Enjoying the dunes. Nothing like sand boarding.

Nothing more beautiful than the desert sunset

Simon soaking in the QNCC

One of the larger plenary rooms

This is where we buy our delicious shawarma.

Jenica, Michael, and Cale outside of ASD.

Georgia and Michael in front of the giant spider.

Some youth making their voice heard.

The Doha skyline at night.

The full SESEF delegation at the ASD library

Dinner in the Souq.

The QNCC from the highway.

The delegation in the blue light of the QNCC.

A couple of us at ASD.

Christiana Figueres speaking with YOUNGO.

The YOUNGO meeting had everyone sitting on the floor, including the Executive Secretary.

The circle provided a sense of companionship among the youth.

The President of COP18, Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, speaking at the opening plenary.


  1. Thanks for the pics and comments!

  2. Sand boarding looks super fun! Is that one of SES students on the board? If so, I'm happy to see you all getting a little "down" time. Attending all those events and staying alert and "on" must be exhausting at some point.

    Will heads of state include our newly reelected president?

    I'll bet security is going to be intense. I'm looking forward to this week's posts!