Sunday, November 25, 2012

Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs)

It's hard to understand how NGOs work at COP 18, as they are such broad groups and their missions and goals related to climate change vary tremendously. In general all of the ENGOs work to conserve, preserve and restore aspects of the environment. Environmental NGOs are concerned about the impact of climate change on resources and sustainability of the environment. For example, the "Green Reef" NGO is specifically dedicated to the conservation of the Belize Barrier Reef and the associated marine environment in order to maintain the integrity of that ecosystem. Climate change is a big player in the health of the Belize Barrier Reef and its ecosystem. The increasing oceanic temperature has a large impact on barrier reefs due to the inability of reef organisms to adapt to temperature changes. The increased atmospheric CO2 associated with climate change is mixing into the ocean and increasing ocean acidity, another abiotic factor that impacts barrier reef organisms greatly. This is why Green Reef is interested in this conference and motivated to influence climate change negotiations.

Green Reef is just one of countless groups that will be attending COP 18 to represent their organization and ensure that their viewpoints and priorities are accounted for in the negotiation process. The climate is changing and the various organizations must present their views at COP 18 in order to come to a reasonable resolution that will be in everyone's best interest. Thus ENGOs will be sending delegates to achieve this goal and promote global sustainability.

- Cale

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